Cannabidiol taken in pill form is maybe the simplest way to take CBD if you don’t like using tincture dropper for underneath the tongue consumption of CBD oil. What is the benefit of taking the CBD gel caps, you may ask. Well, taking CBD pills is the most accurate way to consume the right dosage of CBD to meet your specific needs!

This is the common hemp oil gel cap:

The supplement itself is in pill type, but the supplement or medicine is enclosed in a hard or soft soluble container.
This container is usually made out of gelatin.
Capsules are used once the drug is incapable of being compacted into a solid (pill).

CBD Pills Unlike the capsule, there is nothing notable about the pill. It is simply a medication and/or drug that is tightly compressed into a round solid form with the intention of making it as small as possible in hopes to make it easier to swallow. GEL CAPS Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil CBD Gel Caps Hemp Oil Gel caps are extremely similar in comparison to capsules because they are both enclosed by an outer shell, usually gelatin, which is how they get their name. Gelatin Capsules = Gel Caps! The difference though is the contents. You will never find regular capsules (two shells) containing hemp oil because this would cause leakage. Instead, one will observe a see-through shell with a gold tint.


Which Form Of CBD Is Right For You?

Choosing to use CBD pills as a dietary supplement is convenient because it offers a quick and extremely accurate dosage. While CBD oil is currently the most in-demand product, we don’t agree that it is the easiest way of adding CBD to one’s diet due to potential administration errors. One must take the exact number of oil drops to achieve their desired result. This may make tincture usage more complex depending on one’s disorder, and create room for misinterpretation. Hempful Hemp’s gel caps contain an exact amount of CBD, providing an efficient and tasteless form of supplementation.

How To Properly Consume CBD

It is suggested that CBD pills ought to be taken and/or consumed orally by putting the capsule at the tip of your tongue and swallowing it with 8oz of water.
In order to experience the best results, we recommend that one take their suggested serving of CBD at the same time every day. This will allow your body to establish a positive feedback loop and be optimally primed to absorb the wellness support benefits that CBD has to offer. Full-spectrum hemp oil gel caps may be taken with or without food. Gel caps administered on an empty stomach won’t cause inconveniences. What’s more, CBD capsule usage is very adaptable, making for an easily accessible supplement while traveling, while at the workplace, or even while stuck in traffic. With CBD pills you won’t have a reason to miss intake! What To Know Before You Purchase Online When dealing with a trustworthy manufacturer, you can be sure your Cannabidiol pills will be made with pure hemp oil. If you are ever in doubt of the quality of your purchased CBD pills, request lab reports as they are required for the seller to have. CBD capsules should not have any preservatives and are generally offered in different CBD mg levels. These include: 10mg, 25mg 30mg, 50mg, 100mg, 250mg (highest we’ve seen online). When choosing CBD pills and capsules be sure they are produced from carefully grown, organically certified hemp plants. The hemp oils in these capsules should be premium quality, whole plant extracts, different from the hemp-seed oil that is easily purchased at less reputable medical marijuana stores. Also, be sure when purchasing hemp-based products that the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content is below .03%, as this effects legality. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis commonly referred to as a “high.“

Final Thoughts & Summary

If you simply don’t like the taste of raw, organic hemp oil (consumed sublingually) and you enjoy the consistent perfect doses than CBD pills offer, than they are a great option for you!